Prospect: a moving conversation, 2009
Prospect Park, NYC
Monday, June 22

in collaboration with Floating Lab Collective

An economy is built upon an exchange of value that occurs between parties. Prospect is the second iteration of a proposed, long term series of engagements that explore the relationship of cause and effect inherent in the idea of exchange and the definition of value.
The initial work was composed of four tables and eight chairs, covered with blackboard paint, that were installed on the walls of a gallery. They were periodically taken down during the course of the exhibition to become a locus for inclusive discussions premised upon the intrinsic social function of art. Chalk notations were made; responses were added as well as erasures.
A table and chairs are a neutral site until occupied. When we sit at a table, we activate it as a social space where the full spectrum of our personal and interactive selves are put into play.
For this piece and exhibition, a rocking, sled platform was constructed as a transportable territory for a table and two chairs. They were brought to Prospect Park and were pulled along a path, and passers-by were asked for help. The question of the value of help and of work was posed to the participants, and exchanges were proposed, including currency created by the Floating Lab Collective.

Currency created by Floating Lab Collected for Prospect Park